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Enabling Games

We seek to enable game developers
in their quest to develop successful games.

About Us

The Iterative Collective is a video game incubator, publisher and co-developer.
We supports game developers
 in crafting and distributing their games.

We’re built on a revenue sharing model. So we will not ask for equity in your company.

You will maintain full independence and creative vision and you’ll get a helpful guide on your way to success.

What We Provide

We believe that everyone should be given the chance to seize their own success.
Great ideas shouldn’t fall between the cracks due to lack of support.

We provide the following services that are integral to launching a successful video game:


Developing games is no simple feat, it requires a large dedicated and diverse team. Finding them can be difficult.

We provide you with additional dedicated team members from diverse backgrounds in game design, art, audio and programming to ensure you have a well rounded, capable team.


Money helps smoothens the development process, allowing for more flexibility. We allow you to focus on making the game and not worry about the business side of games.

We provide flexible bespoke financing contracts, allowing for a smooth game development journey.


A cozy and conducive work environment is paramount to inspiration, productivity and collaboration.
We provide a fun and community-based collaborative workplace for independent game developers set in a chic redefined industrial space in Woodlands.


Standing out from the deluge of mediocre games released every day can be challenging.

Our dedicate PR and Marketing teams have got you covered and handle the heavy lifting when it comes to getting your game noticed.

The Team

Our team consists of game developers, talented marketing specialists, and producers, as well as analysts, game testers, and experienced QA professionals. We’re all united by a desire to grow the Singapore industry and change it for the better.

We spend a majority of our time finding, commissioning and co-developing video games with our partner studios.
Together, we have over 20 years of expertise in developing, publishing and connecting people around creative projects.

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