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We are excited to share that The Iterative Collective has partnered with Exertis Ztorm!

In their next step to bring great indie games to more players, The Iterative Collective has partnered with worldwide key distribution service, Exertis Ztorm

Singapore – August 3rd, 2023 – Indie games publisher The Iterative Collective is proud to announce their partnership with the global digital distribution platform Exertis Ztorm, effectively bringing access to their games to more players all around the world.

The Iterative Collective prides themselves on their commitment to tackling the problems faced by game creators at every step of the development process. Their holistic approach to the incubation and publishing of quality independent games means they are always looking for new ways to support the fantastic indies they work with, and this partnership is just another way they are striving to provide the best resources available to achieve that mission.

With Exertis Ztorm’s trusted service providing video game and software distribution on a global scale, as well as their expertise at acting as the integral link between publishers and retailers, The Iterative Collective is now even more capable of bringing their indies to a large number of players around the globe. Both entities are excited to see the positive impact their partnership will have on the games in TIC’s catalogue!

Four of The Iterative Collective’s diverse and engaging titles—Homeseek, The Signal State, Sigil of the Magi, and Knight Crawlers—are already a part of Exertis Zstorm’s extensive catalogue and available now.

About The Iterative Collective

The Iterative Collective is an incubator, developer, and publisher for indie games. It was founded in 2019 by game developers who set out to tackle the problems faced by developers in the games industry.

The Iterative Collective offers a holistic and structured approach to the incubation and publishing of independent games, working collaboratively with developers to ensure that their visions are realized and successfully shared with the world.

About Exertis Group

Exertis is the leading technology distributor of consumer, business and enterprise products from pioneering technology brands, playing an integral role in supplying the world with cutting-edge tech. Over forty years Exertis has distributed the technology that transforms societies and facilitates the world’s transition to digital. These days Exertis distributes everything from AV solutions to AI-powered smart-tech.

Exertis is powered by the mantra ‘our people, our customers, our business’ and its reach is global. A wholly owned subsidiary of parent company DCC PLC, a FTSE 100 company, it has offices in Europe, North America, Middle East and China, representing 2,400 brands. In 2020 it had a turnover of £3.913 billion. As technology evolves, so does Exertis.

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