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Cameron’s Pick – Tinykin

Growing up on a farm in rural Australia, weekends would usually involve helping out picking a variety of vegetables for extra pocket money that I could later use on video games. One weekend having done an exceptional job, my mother handed me a copy of a game called Pikmin, that I knew nothing about to go with the Gamecube I had been given the Christmas prior. What greeted me was Captain Olimar and a variety of tiny plant-like creatures called Pikmin, that I could use to scavenge for parts, defeat enemies and solve puzzles. Needless to say, I was hooked.

Splashteam’s Tinykin feels like a love letter to Pikmin’s puzzle solving in all the best ways. Mixing 2D characters with a gorgeous and vibrant 3D world you play as Milodane, who has left his advanced world to follow an ancient signal to a nearby galaxy. Milo mysteriously surfaces in a 90s cluttered house run by a variety of insects with no humans on site. Needing to return home, we must use Tinykin to solve problems, explore, and build a special machine to return home (sound familiar?).

Needless to say, not all aspects mirror Pikmin’s gameplay. You won’t find any combat here, no day cycle, no endless amount of Tinkykin, and you won’t be dying here. This game is very much just use Tinykin to carry objects, blast open obstacles, form bridges, and conduct electricity to complete levels and get you home. Plus did I mention you can slide around on soap?

Additionally, if you’re a fan of collect-athons then you will love this. I felt the need to check every last corner of the world to find everything, whether it be getting the max amount of Tinkykins, the pollen scattered throughout levels (that doubles to upgrade a bubble glide move), side objectives, and opening the entire level up. This game very much feels like Banjo-Kazooie exploration in that way.

Let’s break down what each Tinykin does!

  • Pink/Purple – picks up and carries objects.
  • Red – throw them at destructible environments for them to go boom.
  • Green – build a ladder to reach further heights.
  • Yellow – cling together to form bridges.
  • Blue – conduct electricity to solve puzzles.

Tinkykin is a very chill game that will cater to all ages, and I dare say a strong contender for my Game of the Year at this current point in time. The relaxed nature of exploring a level to collect everything feels smooth and the gameplay loop satisfying, without the game ever overstaying its welcome. If you’re a fan of this kind of gameplay, then definitely check it out.

Tinykin was released on August 30th, 2022, and can be found on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.



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