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The Signal State Celebrates One Year Post Launch!

If you’re the kind of person who loves to fix things, who enjoys using your brain to methodically and logically find correct answers, and finds joy in completing complex puzzles through systematic and efficient means, the The Signal State is the game for you!

Called a “thematic looking puzzler for those of you who love the technical” by PC Gamer. The Signal State is set in a post-apocalyptic future, and you are tasked with helping repair machines in order to rebuild an abandoned farm. If you’re successful, you’ll be part of a revolution that will change the fate of agriculture once and for all!

By accepting different challenges, you will be tasked finding solutions to the more intricate parts of machine repair and will solve increasingly complex puzzles inspired by modular synthesizers. You’ll slowly advance from simple and straightforward setups to having to try several arrangements before finding the solution to the more advanced puzzles. If you get stuck at any point along the way, you’re encouraged to join the game’s Discord, ask questions, and become part of the Signal State community. From connecting a few components to building your own small power grid, you’ll finish the game as a logic pro by the end!

The main game contains 40 different puzzles, and since its release in September 2021, a Puzzle Workshop has been implemented, along with a Community Puzzle Pack, which means you can create your own puzzles and complex creations to show off or challenge friends with.

And now, to the excitement of puzzle masters and music lovers everywhere, a new and exciting way to play has been added: Sandbox Mode! With this new variation, players are able to create their own music through experimenting with the Signal State’s modular board. The game’s base modules are there, so players can start with something familiar, but there are also new, sandbox-exclusive modules with which you can make music, create animations, make interactive circuits and more! This means you can create your own one-person band right from your computer chair using the creativity and logic you already love from The Signal State.

Celebrate one year post launch, check out The Signal State on Steam, and jump right in to enjoying all the exciting puzzles and engaging play modes the game has to offer!

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