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The Iterative Collective Is Coming to PAX East!

The Iterative Collective is excited to announce we’ll be at booth 16079 at PAX East!

Join us in Boston from March 23rd through the 26th to play three of our amazing titles in person and check out our exciting merch and collectibles!


Homeseek: A post-apocalyptic survival strategy game set on a dystopian, resource-strapped Earth at the beginning of the next century, Homeseek challenges players to overcome the consequences of an ongoing climate catastrophe and work to rebuild a sustainable civilization. In a land where water has become more valuable than gold, it’s up to you to lead your colony toward success, but you’ll have to make difficult choices and manage your settlement wisely in order to survive.



Knight Crawlers: You are a Crawler, struggling to survive the battles that unfold behind every dark portal. Your skill cards and weapons are your only bastions against the forces of the horde. In this physics-based ARPG, each crawl is made unique through the choices you make. Hunt for loot, craft powerful equipment, and head into arenas to battle against other Crawlers.




Sigil of the Magi: Blend roguelike deckbuilding with turn-based combat for a deep tactical experience in Sigil of the Magi! Pick your party of three champions and navigate a world full of dangers and mystique. Every champion has their own unique set of cards and passive abilities, and you build your deck and empower them by earning cards and relics through battles and other encounters. Choose your path wisely, fight strategically, and craft a finely honed deck to ensure your party will become a force to be reckoned with as you move through the three distinct and increasingly dangerous worlds within the game!


We’re also so pleased to announce that The Iterative Collective’s booth is participating as part of PAX Together this year, which is a program that celebrates diversity, underrepresented groups and stigmatized topics, both at PAX and in the gaming community at-large!

We can’t wait to see you at the booth! There will be exclusive gameplay, direct access to devs, and great merch and collectibles available!


If you’ll be at PAX East, don’t miss out! But if you can’t make it, you can still keep up with the games by wishlisting and following on social media and Discord:

Wishlist Sigil of the Magi on Steam, keep up with exciting updates on Twitter, and join the Discord to share your best builds!

Wishlist Homeseek on Steam, stay up to date on the game’s development on Twitter, and share your best RTS survival tips and trick on the Discord!

Wishlist Knight Crawlers on Steam, follow the devs on Twitter, and join the Discord to compare your craziest crawls!

You can also keep up with us, The Iterative Collective, on TwitterTikTok and Twitch.

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