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Sunset Overdrive

Cameron’s Pick – Sunset Overdrive

What do you do when a contaminated energy drink transforms most of the population into toxic mutants? Well, you embrace the chaos of a hyper-colorful, post-apocalyptic city with creative weapons, stylish traversal and so many gags that leave you smiling like an idiot. Having recently revisited the title on PC I had a blast relearning why I originally fell in love with the game.

The plot focuses on an evil energy drink corporation Fizzco who has turned the citizens of Sunset City into mutants known as OD. Encountering small factions of survivors your task is to make it out of the city alive and tell the world what has gone down. On top of this, you will battle with hundreds of monsters, Fizzco Robots, and enemy bandits.

The game is extremely immature but fits in well with its tone. It’s not trying to take itself too seriously and the cast of characters reflect that. The city itself is coated in a bright coat of paint, giving it a cartoonish vibe that fits well alongside the explosions, lightning effects, and ooze. Weapons have a ton of creativity, with cd disc launchers, hairspray bombs, and TNT teddies mixed with amps that amplify certain attacks and modifiers.

Traversal is the one thing in the game that sells it for me though, being able to jump from grinding, bouncing, and hanging from powerlines, all while shooting OD makes this game so fun. There is nothing in comparison that allows me to move the way that Sunset Overdrive lets me. I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of games with bright colors, great humor, and amazing movement.

Sunset Overdrive | Insomniac Games

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