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Scarred Presskit

Fact Sheet

Genre: Atmospheric horror puzzle


  • PC

Developer: KOEX Studio

Publisher: The Iterative Collective

Price: TBA

Release date: TBA

About Scarred

Scarred is a first-person atmospheric horror puzzle game where you must uncover the truth about one of your schoolmates before it’s too late. Traverse a world of nightmares inspired by nostalgic Singaporean architecture as you fight to survive.

Key Features

  • Surrounded by traditional Singaporean locales twisted into a nightmarish realm of danger and discovery, you must navigate a frightening and ethereal world as you piece together a story that will change your understanding of your friends and classmates forever.
  • Evade a ghostly presence lurking around dark corners and through shadowy doorways as you solve frightening puzzles in order to escape.
  • Explore a dream-like world with incomprehensible landscapes as you fight to determine who your enemies are and how to escape the hold they have over you.
  • Be prepared to face nightmares, evade terrors, unearth tragedies, and—if you can—save yourself from it all before you are consumed.




About KOEX Studios

A full time solo indie game developer from Singapore that’s developing games for PC, PlayStation, XBOX, Switch and web. Specialises on crafting horror titles that are intriguing and creative.

About The Iterative Collective

The Iterative Collective is an incubator, co-developer, and publisher for indie games. It was founded in 2019 by game developers who set out to tackle the problems faced by developers in the games industry.

With an experienced core team and industry veterans as mentors, we provide a holistic and structured approach to incubation and publishing of independent games. This incubation framework developed jointly with our mentors ensures that the game development studios we incubate produce games of a world-class standard.


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