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Our PAX East Experience

PAX East ran this year from March 23rd through the 26th in Boston, Massachusetts, and it was an action-packed and amazing time!

The first couple days after arriving involved a bunch of errands and setup. It felt so good to see the booth, which we had spent months planning out and designing, finally start coming together.


We showed off three of our fantastic indies:

Sigil of the Magi 


Knight Crawlers 


and Homeseek.

With everything sat up and ready to go, PAX began with welcoming the press and continued with getting to meet and chat with awesome gamers all day long. We had several contests and giveaways, as well as some really great merch and collectibles from each of our games!

For Sigil of the Magiwe ran a card-design competition, where entrants drew their very own Sigil cards for a chance to win! We picked a winner each day, and it was super fun to look through everyone’s art.

For Knight Crawlerswe had a claw machine full of tiny little Earthquacks–aka the duck boss in the game.

We also ran a contest to see who would win the BIG DUCK. We amassed our duckling army every day until Sunday when the winner was declared! We let Earthquack get some gaming time in before we passed her off to her new best friend. We think she is really, really happy in her new home.


For Homeseekwe had a lot of really great freebies. There were water vials (because you know in the world of Homeseek, water’s as valuable as gold!), patches with the expedition teams’ symbols on them, pencils that when planted will grow local flowers, a choose-your-own adventure book based on the scenarios in the game, and more! We even had a cosplayer–a bandit ready to attack your settlement and demand a cut of your valuable resources!


What’s even cooler is that in support of World Water Day and water sustainability efforts across the globe, 20% of profits earned from Homeseek merch purchased during PAX will be donated to Charity: Water to assist in providing safe, clean water to those in need around the world! Charity: Water is a non-profit which aims to end the water crisis. In addition to implementing community-owned water projects, they help facilitate comprehensive water, sanitation, and hygiene programs globally.

We were honored to be part of PAX Together this year as well! PAX Together is a program which celebrates diversity, underrepresented groups, and stigmatized topics, both at PAX and in the gaming community at-large. PAX together picks comprise a curated selection of games, events, and panels which are recognized by PAX for celebrating and centering marginalized groups and stigmatized topics and uplift those of underrepresented backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences within gaming.

People trying out Homeseek‘s updated demo got the special privilege of speaking with the devs in person, there was much blood shed crawling the dungeons and engaging in exciting PVP on the exclusive PAX build for Knight Crawlers, and there was always a line for Sigil of the Magi as players carefully chose their path and crafted decks that complemented their unique playstyles as they downed fiercer and fiercer enemies with each battle.

Overall, it was such a fantastic experience to get to meet with so many wonderful members of the press and amazing and enthusiastic gamers who lined up to play our games all week. We loved getting to know each and every one of you!


It was also cool to see which of the items we and our devs designed and created that folks were the most excited to take home with them. The claw machine was a hit, as was tons of the merch we brought, and it was so fun to engage with people about our games and the various giveaways we ran throughout the event! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by, said hi, bought something, entered a contest, and tried out any of our games!









We already can’t wait to do it again next year!

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