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NPCville: The Story of the Blacksmith Presskit

Fact Sheet

GINVO Studio

The Iterative Collective

Release Date
Q1 2024

PC and console

About Planetiles

NPCville: The Story of the Blacksmith is a cozy, charming third person sandbox experience that allows you to experience an RPG from the angle of an NPC.

Play as Aimee, the blacksmith NPC who is undergoing her apprenticeship in Moaiville City, a starting area for adventurers. Your day consists of the expected—giving quests, crafting items, and initiating sales—but when it becomes clear that the game’s future is in jeopardy, you must also do what you can to save it! Assist adventurers with combat and decorate the town for events to increase the playerbase. Forge friendships with your fellow NPCs, defeat players’ nefarious plans to hack the game, and do what you can to create a successful and prosperous world!

Key Features

Give quests: In NPCville, you are the quest giver. Decide what materials you need and offer quests to the adventurers around town for them to retrieve the items on your behalf. Just make sure you have enough gold to reward them for their work!

Craft equipment: Once your quests have been fulfilled by intrepid adventurers, you can start crafting to create equipment like swords, bows, and armor to supply the denizens of town with what they need. Use tried and tested formulas or experiment to crate something new!

Make sales: Set your price and make the best decisions to get the most out of your transactions. Selling too high means players won’t want to buy from you, but set prices too low and your profits suffer! Keep an eye on what items are hot and adjust accordingly.

Assist with combat: Adventurers are always finding themselves at odds with all sorts of dangerous beasts and magical creatures. Help them succeed by providing them with the right equipment as they battle so their party can prevail against dangerous foes.

Manage Relationships: Certain actions can increase or decrease you Affinity with your fellow NPCs. Keep you Affinity growing to open up more opportunities for interactions and unlock side stories and rewards.

Create game events: Craft items to decorate the town to in time to run events for players to enjoy. If you do well enough, you’ll attract new players to the game, ensuring NPCville remains bustling and prosperous for the NPCs!




About GINVO Studio

GINVO Studio is an indie game developer based in Bogor, Indonesia. What began as a group of reward hunters participating in game development competitions during their days in high school blossomed into an official business venture in 2018.

Originally, GINVO Studio focused on mobile games and offered game development services; however, they have since expanded their expertise to include the development of games for PC and consoles. Guided by their motto, “make everything fun”, GINVO Studio constantly strives to create games that offer an elevated level of enjoyment and fun.

About The Iterative Collective

The Iterative Collective is an incubator, co-developer, and publisher for indie games. It was founded in 2019 by game developers who set out to tackle the problems faced by developers in the games industry.

With an experienced core team and industry veterans as mentors, we provide a holistic and structured approach to incubation and publishing of independent games. This incubation framework developed jointly with our mentors ensures that the game development studios we incubate produce games of a world-class standard.


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