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Knight Crawlers Create Your Crawler Contest – Winner Announced!

In celebration of the upcoming launch of Knight Crawlers in a few months, we ran a contest during one of the game’s open demo periods to showcase the super fun character customization feature.

Contestants were tasked with creating the best and coolest Crawlers and sharing them in the Knight Crawlers Discord server to be voted on. The prizes were some great dungeon-crawling essentials, including a Knight Crawlers desk pad and sticker pack, a duck boss plushie, and a game key on a card with the winner’s Crawler forever immortalized!


There were tons of really fun entries, and we loved seeing what everyone came up with! The contestants were all treated to a little surprise at the conclusion of the event as well. (Keep reading for details!) As for their Crawler creations, it’s impossible for us to choose a favorite, so here are some of the entries that we really enjoyed:

Discord users Shyny_Fynix, Catxcore, DragonZ, JetBlac, and TruSubZero all showed off their personal style and flair with a wide range of character traits and accessories.



ValdarakGaming decided to flaunt their build as they showed off their sweet Crawler look.



Meanwhile PapiWaHarpy went for an action shot!



BillySundown posted a Crawler that may have had a little too much mead before battle.



Alternatively, BamBox’s Crawler looks wise and dignified. 



But the one who took home the gold is (drumroll, please!)…

Tophu with their amazing Ramboesque Crawler! I can hardly tell them apart! 


As the lucky winner, Tophu will receive those great prizes mentioned before, but all participants were treated to a very exciting surprise upon completion of the competition. Knight Crawlers’ developer, Chaja, decided to do something special for the winner and the runners up: Their Crawlers’ likenesses will be included in the game! They will be turned into NPCs and featured on wanted posters that players will be able to encounter within the endless realms. It’s not often you get to create something that forever becomes part of a cool upcoming game that you love, so we are really happy for all those who will be honored in Knight Crawlers for all the years to come!

If you’d like to be part of the next Knight Crawlers contest or just keep up with updates about the game, join the Knight Crawlers Discord, follow us on Twitter, and don’t forget to wishlist the game!

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