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Homeseek is a post-apocalyptic survival strategy game set on a dystopian, resource-strapped Earth at the beginning of the next century. In a dried-up wasteland where water has become the new gold, every choice becomes life or death. With your guidance, survival just might be within reach.

Impactful choices

City building in Homeseek is an impactful and challenging process. Your choices matter in every aspect of gameplay, so the decisions you make as the tales of this land are revealed impact how your survivors’ own stories will progress.

Persistent Progression

Throughout the campaign players retain their progress from one scenario to another, keeping any citizens, technologies, and laws they have discovered. The campaign offers a long-term survival experience.

Competitive Multiplayer

Compete against other players in a quest for survival, where you can sabotage their bases, steal their resources, and force them into starvation before they do the same to you.


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Press & Content Creators?

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Developed by Traptics
Published by The Iterative Collective

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