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Get a Taste of Survival in the Wasteland With this Homeseek-Inspired Minigame

Have you ever wondered if you could survive a climate catastrophe? What about lead a whole community in a harsh and unforgiving environment full of deadly risks and unforeseen dangers? In Homeseek, you get to do just that! Plan out and manage your community of survivors to ensure they have food, water, and shelter. Then, venture out into the wasteland to see what you can uncover and bring back to your colony to aid in their fight for long-term survival. The journey will be difficult, and you’ll have to make tough choices. Below, you can play a short minigame inspired by Homeseek that gives you a taste of what you’ll experience during your expeditions in the dystopian future where the game takes place. Make careful choices and see if you can not only survive your travels, but benefit your community with what you find out in the wasteland.

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Hint: Click the full screen option in the bottom right corner!

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