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Dynamic Roguelike Deckbuilder Sigil of the Magi Is out Now on Steam!

Build synergistic decks, engage in strategic, tactical combat, and explore an ever-changing world!

Solo developer YongJustYong and Publisher The Iterative Collective are excited to announce that Sigil of the Magi, a roguelike deckbuilder featuring dynamic encounters and strategic, turn-based combat, is now available on Steam for Windows and Mac.

Pick your party of unique champions and embark on a journey to through three ever-changing worlds full of challenging encounters, rewarding events, and hidden secrets before you face formidable bosses at the end of each expedition. Every champion has their own distinct set of cards and passive abilities that will alter your playstyle with each run. Take advantage of useful treasures, powerful relics, and valuable boons to boost your Champions’ abilities and lead them to victory!

And as an added bonus, there will be a 10% discount at the launch of Early Access!

Check out the trailer for Sigil of the Magi:


Sigil of the Magi blends great mechanics and interesting storytelling in a way that creates an engaging, dynamic, and satisfyingly challenging experience that we can’t wait for players to get to explore,” says Matthew Quek, CEO of The Iterative Collective. “With its progressive and flexible gameplay, the balanced mix of deckbuilding and roguelike elements, and the thrill of collecting bonuses and treasures while powering up your Champions, this release has something for everyone!”

Sigil of the Magi’s key features:

  • Control unique champions – Each champion comes with their own set of cards and passive abilities that require you to play to their strengths and take advantage of synergies that can mean the difference between victory or defeat in battle. Choose a pre-made clan or mix and match available heroes to suit your playstyle.
  • Collect treasures – Valuable gold, powerful relics, and additional cards can be earned through exploration and combat. Each provides powerful benefits throughout gameplay and can affect the entire party.
  • Battle increasingly difficult enemies ­– Travel through dynamic maps as you take on progressively difficult foes in exciting, turn-based combat that continually introduces new challenges the further you manage to progress.
  • Create synergistic strategies ­– Build your deck thoughtfully. There are myriad strategies to try, but each starts with a cohesive set of cards and careful choices as you add to your deck and upgrade your arsenal throughout gameplay.
  • Make impactful decisions – From the route you take to the enemies you fight to your choices during surprise encounters, each decision you make can change the outcome of your run. Every playthrough is different, so the possibilities are endless.

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About YongJustYong
YongJustYong Games is an independent game studio, founded and led by solo-developer Yong Leong. Established in 2021 in Singapore, YongJustYong Games is currently working on bringing Sigil of the Magi to the world. Prior to this, Yong developed and released Gunkid 99, a fast and frantic arcade-style platform shooter.

About The Iterative Collective
The Iterative Collective is an incubator, co-developer, and publisher for indie games. It was founded in 2019 by two game developers who set out to tackle the problems faced by developers in the games industry. With an experienced core team, as well as a network of industry veteran mentors, The Iterative Collective provides a holistic and structured approach to incubation and publishing of independent games. This incubation framework, developed jointly with the mentors, ensures that game development studio partners produce games of a world-class standard.

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