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PAX Hacks – Learn from our PAX East Experience!

The Iterative Collective team had an absolute blast showcasing our games, Sigil of the Magi, Knight Crawlers, and Homeseek at PAX East 2023. Things went really well, and you can…

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Our PAX East Experience

PAX East ran this year from March 23rd through the 26th in Boston, Massachusetts, and it was an action-packed and amazing time! The first couple days after arriving involved a…

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Get to Know Us – Meet Kelsey!

Meet Kelsey - Marketing Associate   Kelsey been obsessed with games since the days of Ski Free and Chip’s Challenge on her family PC, and some of her earliest memories…

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The Iterative Collective Is Coming to PAX East!

The Iterative Collective is excited to announce we’ll be at booth 16079 at PAX East! Join us in Boston from March 23rd through the 26th to play three of our…

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Get to Know Us – Meet Cameron!

Meet Cameron Hyland - Marketing Associate Cameron has been gaming since he was a kid. Being a product of the 90s, one of his biggest childhood gaming memories is when…

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Get to Know Us – Meet Tran!

Meet Tran Duong, Marketing Manager With a personal creed of “marketing by day, design by night, and doodles by later night,” Tran spends a lot of time engaged with art and…

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Get to Know Us – Meet Ardhan!

Meet Ardhan Fadhlurrahman, Regional Publishing Manager   Ardhan Fadhlurrahman–Dhan for short–earned his undergrad degree from the University of Indonesia researching game-based learning for elementary school audiences. He went on to…

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Get to Know Us – Meet Haskel!

Meet Haskel Chua, Co-Founder & COO   Haskel has been working in game development since earning a scholarship in 2010 to pursue his diploma and degree. While in school, he…

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Get to Know Us – Meet Matthew!

Meet Matthew Quek, Co-founder and CEO   Matthew has always been interested in the art of storytelling. He grew up an avid reader and cinephile, but once he discovered video…

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Get a Taste of Survival in the Wasteland With this Homeseek-Inspired Minigame

Have you ever wondered if you could survive a climate catastrophe? What about lead a whole community in a harsh and unforgiving environment full of deadly risks and unforeseen dangers?…

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Tomb Raider (1996)

Kelsey's Pick - Tomb Raider (1996) Lara Croft has been an idol of mine since the first time I sat on the floor of my friend’s bedroom in 1996 and…

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Merge, Merge, Merge!

Kelsey's Pick - Merge Games I recently went to a remote meeting for the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) where game devs were there to answer questions for folks interested…

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