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Slime Rancher

Kelsey's Pick: Slime Rancher You’re a thousand light years away from Earth and you’ve decided to forge new frontiers and make a fortune doing something unique to this strange and distant planet: farming slimes. These always cute and sometimes dangerous…

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Cameron's Pick - Evertried This week I have been engaged in the world of Evertried, a beautifully crafted isometric, tactical rogue-lite where the player ascends a mysterious tower utilizing strategy and positioning in turn-based combat. This is pixel art chess…

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Cameron's Pick - Carrion Carrion is a 2D Metroidvania with a unique reverse horror theme. You assume the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origins, stalking and consuming those that have imprisoned you to spread fear and panic, doing…

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Mini Motorways

Kelsey's Pick - Mini Motorways I'm always in the market for a good management sim. From Banished to Sim City, Prison Architect, Oxygen Not Included, and everything in between, I'm always ready to strap in and start strategizing the most minute details.…

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